Friday, May 7, 2010

Rude things people do

So, I've been emailing a lot of listings on Craig's List, since I need to move.  I've been looking specifically for a room, not an empty apartment.  And I do have Loki, which I mention in my emails.

Some people DO get back to me and say, "Sorry, no pets!"  Some people just never get back to me.  Some people get back to me and I look at the apartment, and then they NEVER email me ever again.  And I know that these people haven't found a person to fill their room yet because ...

... they repost their ad!

Look, if you didn't like me, just email me and say, "Thanks for your interest, but we don't think you would be a good fit."  Don't just repost the ad.  After all, I may not have already found a place, and therefore, I will SEE your ad.  And I will hate you a little bit.

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