Thursday, July 1, 2010


We need to better educate our children and the public about the masochism that's involved with lab science as a field.

Otherwise, people will think that lab science is glamorous, leisurely, or that it comes with a nice, fat paycheck.

Of course, I worked for 11 hours yesterday on an experiment that will probably not work.  The reason it won't work will almost definitely never be discovered.  I will probably do it several more times, the exact same way, until it works.  I will come in over the weekend to check on mice even though it's a 3-day holiday weekend, and I should be resting.  Yesterday, I did not eat lunch or dinner.  When I have a PhD and hold a more prestigious job, I will almost definitely not make it into six figures in terms of salary.  And I will probably still have to work 11 hour days and come in on weekends.

Why did I pick this field again?

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