Saturday, June 4, 2011

Surgery is a go

On Tuesday morning, I met with my surgeon, and I scheduled a date for my surgery.  The appointment was pretty interesting, and I'm looking forward to having this surgery over and done with.

The doctor mentioned that one of the risks of having both of my legs done at the same time is that I'll increase my chances of blot clots.  I have to have both done at the same time, though, so I asked, "Should I stop taking my pill then?"  The doctor was surprised, checked my records, and recommended that if I was having surgery in late July, I should stop taking my pill in June.  Which was the next day.  Whoops.

In other news, my sister's car crapped out, and so instead of selling mine, I gave it to her.  All in one week, I've gone from owning a car and taking birth control to neither.  And what's weird is that I started the pill February of sophomore year of high school, which is also when my dad gave me my first car.


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