Monday, February 22, 2010

Case of the Mondays

It's a pretty serious one, too.

I slept a lot Saturday night and Sunday, probably because of working on Saturday.  I think that's why I had so much trouble sleeping last night.  I was also over-thinking things a lot, like work today and this form I keep forgetting to scan.  Ugh.  I remember looking at the clock before I was even drifting off and it read 1:30, which was slightly disheartening.

I'm having a bad hair day and a bad acne day.  I forgot to do laundry yesterday, so I scrambled to find a cute outfit for today.  I (correctly) assumed that it would be warm enough for me to leave my scarf at home.  I (incorrectly) assumed that the heat would be working in the lab (to be fair, I think it's working now, but it's still on the cool side).  My boss embarrassed me in front of the post-doc who was helping me with a long, involved experiment.  Generally, today is really, definitely, certainly Monday.
The good news, I suppose, is that I think I'm going to leave early so I can grab some groceries, do my laundry, maybe locate those forms, and spend some time with the Lokster, who was very upset that I had to spend Saturday out this weekend.  Whee.

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