Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In which I gush about adorable little birdehs

Or one adorable little birdeh in particular.

- Loki has begun to demand, "Kiss!"  It's my fault; I taught him.  If I hear him say, "Gimme a kiss," or "Kiss!" I make a kissing noise.  You know, to reinforce the behavior.  And because, what, it's cute!

- His wings are in a half-clipped, half-not state, resulting in unattractive and useless flight feathers (the other ones haven't grown in yet).  I can't clip the long ones because I have no idea where my scissors are (for real; it's not like the times where I say I don't know where my W-2s are, when I really know that all my tax forms are in one of the boxes I throw all important files into).  But since he can't actually fly, he can't decide when he gets to go back into his cage.  He has to either come back to me, or he has to convince me that he's so cute and I should get off my ass and come get him.  This has resulted, all the fucking time, in him getting stuck trying to climb back up his cage stand.
Until tonight, when he managed to figure out he could grab the cage bars if he climbed up a certain way.  Yay for him!

- He really likes Bill, which is adorable because Bill really likes him.  This is pretty huge considering that Bill is the first person to come over on a regular basis and automatically take Loki out of his cage as long as we're not about to go out to dinner or fool around.  Most of my friends are either outright afraid of Loki, or cautiously friendly for my sake.  Very interesting.

- Loki's favorite song?  Lady Gaga's Love Game.  Really.  No, really.  I'm NOT looping Telephone for him (although he liked the video).

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