Friday, March 5, 2010

Really, I have weird dreams

Last night, among other things that I can't remember very well, I dreamt that I was in a flute trio, and that we were performing two different pieces.  I forget one piece, but the other was one of the movements from C.P.E. Bach's Sonata in c minor (which is actually a SOLO flute piece).  For some reason, I needed to play piccolo on my part for that piece, but I left my picc in my apartment because, like a normal flutist, I didn't know I was supposed to have a piccolo for what I've always known as a solo flute piece.

But it was late, and we were supposed to perform soon, so the other flutes decided to play the other piece without me (with someone standing in, I guess), and I ran to get my picc in time for the CPE.  But as I was leaving, I heard the other flutes playing the CPE without me, and I was really confused.

And then I couldn't find a Trader Joe's, but there was this massive Barnes and Noble that was about the size of an entire mall.  Really.

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