Monday, November 29, 2010

Random updates


Thursday, felt great.  Friday, felt great till about midnight, when I had a headache.  Saturday, woke up feeling OMG HORRIBLE.  I could barely get out of bed all day, took three naps, kept having to reheat my tea.  I only had one can of soup, which I ate.  Ended up with a fever, in addition to headache and congestion and OMGKILLME feeling.  I figured I'd be out of commission for a few days.

Sunday, woke up feeling a bit gross.  I was able to hack up a huge glob of gross, and then felt better.  Managed to go to work and then the grocery store for more soup and juice.  By about 5/6pm, I felt all right.  By the time I went to bed, I felt almost fine.  Woke up this morning on very little sleep feeling great!

Importance: I NEVER recover from illnesses, especially colds, so quickly.  It seems that at age 24, my body has finally started to take advantage of all of the lessons it's learned from the colds of winters past!  Yay!


On Wednesday, I arrived home and discovered that my transcript had FINALLY arrived.  But that I had forgotten the cover page and my CV I had printed at work.  I dug my printer out of the pile of books I'd left on it, and I easily downloaded the software, but then I realized that after not printing anything for a year and a half, I had mysteriously lost all my printer paper.  Ran to Walgreens, bought some paper, ran home.*  Printed everything, called the post office to confirm that they were on normal hours.  Dashed up to Beacon Street, struggled mightily to fill out a mailing label (three carbon copies!  I wrote as hard as I could, and you could barely read anything!).  Then I went up to the counter and, kid you not, asked, "How much do I have to pay to make sure this gets to Chicago by Friday?"  Delivery guaranteed.

Today is Monday.  My UChicago app tells me that they're still waiting on my CV and transcript, and they're due Wednesday.  WTF.  Am calling in an hour and a half.

Meanwhile, BU says it doesn't have any recommendations, but they replied to my email confirming that they have my transcript and GRE scores.  Johns Hopkins and I had some emails over the weekend because I DID send GRE scores, so I'm supposed to check again tomorrow, and call if my app still claims they're missing.

The lesson learned here is ... nothing.  I did everything right.  So the lesson learned is just not to apply to graduate school.

* I guess it's misleading to imply that Walgreens is even a little bit of a trip.  I live directly next to Walgreens.  I almost live IN Walgreens.  We are surrounded on two sides by the building, and on a third by the parking lot.  A trip to Walgreens is the easiest thing on the planet.  I have to stagger my trips so the employees don't notice how much junk food I buy.

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