Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tales of sick in bed

Usually, when I take a sick day, I wake up feeling crappy and call in sick.  By the afternoon, I'm feeling better, especially if I take a nap.  Sometimes, I'm ridiculously sick, like when my UC flares up, or the time I had the Hamthrax.*

A couple of times, though, I've come to work even when I don't feel well.  Recently, especially, I've started loving my job, and so I actually want to come in to work, get things done, and see people.  So when I woke up this morning with my cold returning full-force, and with stuffy, painful sinuses, I got up, and brought in the food for lab meeting.

And I got sent home as soon as I got in.  The only annoying thing was that there aren't a lot of outbound trains from Boston around 10am.  And by the time I finished walking back to my apartment, I felt SO lousy.

Now I have a fever, and my symptoms aren't very much better post-nap.  Awesome.

So what happens when I'm home during the day?  I check OKCupid to see if I've got a message from this guy I'm seeing, since he's going to pick a restaurant for us to go to tomorrow night.  And then I get an IM.  Crap.

I check and see that this dude has visited my profile.  Okay, that's good, because he'll know that I'm picky and generally don't date guys who can't make an effort to type properly.  Except not.

Dude types badly in his IMs and on his profile (or what little of it I could see when I searched; I'm not interested in checking it out).  He then asks me what I do, something that's at the top of my profile.  Now he's asked me if I swing, and if I want to fuck (I answered no, and he asked me why not).

I don't want to be with my ex, and I'm okay with being single.  But man, I'd forgotten how obnoxious online dating is.

EDIT: Oh, even better.  He messaged me because he saw that I was Jewish and thinks that it means I put out easily.

* H1N1--swine flu.  I usually call it Hamthrax or The Swine.

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