Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Today is a crapshoot

Dear today,

Let me count the ways in which you are screwing me over.

1) Frederick's of Hollywood has informed me that I need to call the local USPS office and instruct them to stop ruining my corsets when they deliver them.  I'm not sure why Frederick's of Hollywood doesn't include a sticker that says something like, "DO NOT BEND," or why they don't send corsets in boxes.  Or why I have to fix the problem I'm not causing.  Or why I'm still not being offered some kind of compensation for this RIDICULOUSNESS.

2) Johns Hopkins can't reimburse me for a $230 plane ticket until I send them a receipt.  I thought I did, but the receipt I sent doesn't show that my credit card was charged.

3) Expedia's printable receipts for business purposes do not show that my card was charged, just that I supposedly paid $230.

4) I checked my credit card account, and it shows that I was charged $89 for the original flight, and then an additional $190 when I had to change my return flight at the last minute.  That's more than the $230 Expedia says I paid.

5) Expedia's automated phone service does not have a general representative option.

6) Someone stole the postage stamps from my desk.


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