Friday, April 15, 2011

Of course I'm not easily panicked!

So I've calmed down a bit from yesterday.  While the idea of having surgery isn't making me feel all warm and fuzzy, I'm not as freaked anymore.  If I have compartment syndrome, it's not serious enough to warrant immediate surgery.  I'd probably have it at the very beginning of August, so I can keep working out (on the stupid elliptical) before my brother's wedding, and I won't have to miss more work for it.

At this point, the two things I'm worried most about are whether or not I'll be able to induce my symptoms next week for the test, and whether or not I'll be okay enough walking to get into my apartment after surgery.  Because my apartment is stair-accessible only.

It's a good sign when I'm now panicking about two things that won't be problems.

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