Monday, January 11, 2010


Tonight, I spent hours typing in vocabulary words and definitions into an online flashcard generator.  I entered 430 cards (428 words--two were repeats with different parts of speech and meanings) total, all from the vocabulary lists in one of my review books.  I have a set of flashcards that I purchases which have a lot of the same words, but some new ones; they're great for vocab work on the train, but I need to enter in the novel ones into the generator soon.  And then I have an entire other prep book that I haven't even opened yet.

That's right, kids.  I'll be taking the GRE in February using a combination of methods from Kaplan, Princeton Review, and Barrons.  I am unstoppable.

Well, I got 630/630 on my first, online practice test, which wasn't great.  Next time I take an online one, I'll try to pay to get my essays graded.  I hate not knowing how they're graded, so maybe I should see if anyone I know works for Kaplan GRE.  I know how the SAT ones are scored, but I don't know how much that'll help me.

Anyway, I was typing in a definition, and I was supposed to type the word "fickle."  Now, I was sitting in an awkward position; the only table I can work at is the dining room table, and that's mostly covered in menorah, candlesticks, and fish (singular).  So I was on the sofa, lying down, computer on my knees and book between me and the computer.  I think I strained all of the muscles in both hands trying to type all those cards in that position.  But it was difficult, and I was, much too often, hitting adjacent keys while typing.

And so, I typed "fuckle" instead.  And thus, a new curseword was born.

I have resolved to use this new curseword to discover its best usage.  I'm way excited.

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