Monday, January 18, 2010

How was your weekend? What did you do? Online dating and the interrogation

I'm not an expert on exactly what to say on online dating sites that will make a person want to talk more with you.  I'm not even an expert on what I would want a guy to say to get me to be a little interested.  But there's plenty that you could say that I find totally annoying.

In this case, it's what I call the interrogation.  In my case, it happens when a guy IMs me or messages me and asks me a lot of questions.  Sometimes, questions are okay, usually if I'm the one who made first contact and the questions are more along the lines of "So, what's your favorite thing about working in advertising?" or "You mentioned you like this particular author on your profile; what books in particular do you like by them?"

But the interrogation is what I hate.  "Hey, how are you?  What are you up to?  Did you have a good weekend?  What did you do?"  Here's my answer: None of your fucking business.

Don't ask me how I am if you've never met me.  Don't ask me how my weekend was because you haven't looked at my profile and don't know what to talk about.

Or, you know, you can, but I probably will sound coldly disinterested.

Look, I just don't want to talk to a stranger about how I spent my weekend!  I don't even understand why these people ask these questions; they're pretty intrusive.  It's not making conversation; it's obvious that you have nothing to talk about, and if you have nothing to talk about, then why would I be interested?


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