Friday, January 1, 2010


I don't like to make straight up resolutions for the New Year.  It always feels so futile.  So, while one of my goals is resolution-y, the other two are slightly different.

My shoulders, especially my right one (the one that's always worse), have been a wreck recently.  While getting massages from CA are all right for now (since she's not allowed to charge until she graduates, bwahaha), they're not enough, and they're just alleviating the pain, not preventing it.  And I sure as hell can't afford to pay for massages regularly, not until I move somewhere cheaper (REALLY cheaper).

So,  I'm going to make a serious effort to strengthen my rhomboid muscles, the ones that are cramping up with massive knots.  I'll also invest in a good heat pad for the right shoulder.  I've got some good rhomboid exercises and stretches, so I CAN do it.  I just have to start working on it regularly.  I'm starting now because it's gotten so bad, not simply because it's the new year.

I've done this before, but I want to do it again: How long can I go without chocolate?  We'll find out!  But it's okay; I've got Skittles.

I want to keep my room cleaner, and maintain it a bit better.  It's not just because I lost a $150 check that was free money from my credit card complany (boooo, can't believe I was so stupid), but because I HATE living in a messy space, Loki gets miserable because of it, too, and I can't use my room for anything.  Including exercises and stretches, which I need to do for my shoulder.

So, those are my somewhat resolutions.  It's good to write them down; it'll help hold me accountable or something.  Cool.

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