Tuesday, August 2, 2011

More of the same

Today isn't much different from yesterday, minus the AWESOME THUNDER STORMS.  Say what you will about New England weather, but it really never gets old.

I woke up around 6am with lots of stiffness and pain.  And by lots, I really don't mean lots, I just mean that it's not as great as my first couple of days.  I left Loki uncovered, so he woke up when I did.  I got up to pee and start my ice pack usage for the day, and Loki moved to follow me.  He was a complete brat about it, shrieking and flying and being annoying.  While I was getting my ice packs ready, he decided to fly back to my room, but I had closed the door to keep the cool air inside.  So he sat on the floor in the hallway, crying, waiting for me to get him.

I share that little hallway with one roommate, and let's remember that it's 6:15 in the morning on a weekday.  Loki wouldn't shut up, so I leaned down a bit to get him to jump on my finger, and my right calf didn't appreciate it.  It felt as if my stitches were being pulled out of the exterior-side incision.  Fuck.  After discussing things with a medically-inclined friend, I figure that my incision oozed a bit and got stuck to the gauze, which isn't an emergency.  It just hurts like a motherfucker.  My left leg is much the same, still worse than the right leg.  My left ankle is in rough shape, too, very swollen.  No fever yet today.

I covered Loki up, but couldn't fall back asleep for the rest of the morning.  I finally uncovered Loki and changed my ice packs around 10, which is around when I did finally fall asleep, until about 2.  since then, I've been mostly awake, taking very quick naps here and there.  I had dinner about an hour ago, but I'll probably nap again as soon as I bring my dish back to the kitchen and switch ice packs again.

Two more days till the dressings come off!  It's going to be gross.

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