Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More Weird Dreams ... naturally

Near the end of my dream last night, I dreamt that my mother, sister, and I had broken into our old house.  We were checking out the master bedroom, snooping into the current residents' private info, etc., when my sister discovered (quite calmly, too) a dead body stuffed under the bed.

I decided that if the new residents were capable of murder, and if they had something really serious to hide (like a dead body), I did not want them to catch me breaking into their house and finding the serious thing they were hiding.  So I decided to leave, and my mom and sister we all, "No, we'll be FINE if we just stay here a bit longer."  But when I went outside the house, I saw a car driving down the street from the main road, and the car (which, by the way, had a boat on top of it; weird car!) matched the description of the current residents' vehicle.  So I shouted that info to my mother and sister, who then decided that they were going to try to hide in the house and escape later; they were sure that trying to run now would get them caught.

I decided that I was going to try to get the fuck out of there, so I didn't go back into the house.  But as I stepped onto the front lawn, the man in the car saw me and pulled over to talk to me.  I skillfully lied, saying I was lost, I had been knocking on the front door to see if anyone was home, and could he possibly give me directions to 220 School Street (for the record, I just had to look up where School Street was in my old town because I legit could not remember).  It looked as though I was in the clear when my mom started laughing (loud enough for us to hear it outside) and saying, "Ah, that's what I would have tried!"  The man seemed to still think I was this benign person who meant him no harm, but I could tell he was about to go into the house and find my mom and sister.  And then my alam went off.

I wasn't frightened by this dream; the entire time, I found it absurd.  But it really made me think about some things.  Like, we found the body, but we broke in, so what can we tell the cops?  Who was the dead person and why was he killed?  Why did the car have a boat on it?  And I learned some lessons, like if your companion is about to escape from a potentially dangerous situation while also buying you time to hide or escape yourself, don't laugh and shout things (Mom!).  And I hope that the new residents have learned that dead bodies, even ones so carefully stuffed under beds, attract attention, and that driving onto your lawn to interrogate people might kill the grass.

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