Monday, December 28, 2009


As I drove home from the grocery store this evening, a song came on the radio that I didn't know.  The song sounded like something P!nk would sing, but I could tell the singer wasn't P!nk.  The voice was too low.  I was so confused; who was this female performer who sounded a little like P!nk and was singing a song that totally could have been P!nk's?

I pulled out my phone at a red light and turned on the (insanely useful) song ID function.

It was Adam Lambert.  I laughed so hard.

The song, "Whataya Want from Me," aside from the stupid spelling in the title, is pretty catchy, and Lambert is insanely talented.  I think he COULD have sung the song in P!nk's range if he'd wanted to.  I'd say, "I don't understand how he didn't win Idol!" but I do (obviously gay contestant vs. openly Christian contestant; a lot of Christians who never even watched the show voted for Kris Allen.  While Allen is also talented, I think that everyone was stunned, including the judges and the two contestants, when Allen won).

Oh, and then I got home and looked up the song on Wikipedia, and it was co-written by P!nk.  Win.

EDIT: My bad--it wasn't just co-written by P!nk.  It was originally recorded for Funhouse, her latest album.  Lambert's version is great, but uuuugh, wish I could get my hands on P!nk's version!

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