Sunday, July 31, 2011

Better in some ways, worse in others

Last night, my fever kept climbing, and I kept feeling worse and worse until I went to bed.  I was otherwise in a good mood, and I'd spent a lot of time with my mom, talking about break-ups and school and life.  I know that a low grade fever is fine, so I wasn't terribly worried, but even so, fevers do suck.

I prefer not to take fever reducers when I've got a fever.  It's not that I don't want to feel better.  I just like knowing just how sick I am; it's hard to monitor an illness when you're masking a symptom.  So I went to bed with a fever hovering between 99.7 and 100.0.

I woke up at 5:45 in the morning feeling wretched, and as much as I love any chance to use that vocabulary word, it sucked.  My fever was hovering around 100.4, my head was throbbing, and I just felt like crap.  I caved and took one more oxycodone and two Tylenol.  I also texted my mom to let her know, and went and got my ice packs for my legs.

About an hour later, I woke up feeling no better, but no worse.  My fever was still going strong, so I just switched my ice packs.

I woke up around 8:30 covered in sweat, which was gross, but it meant that my fever had finally broken (confirmed by the thermometer).  Yay!

I'm still dealing with a bad headache and fatigue; I suspect my fever will be back tonight.  But my legs feel all right.  A bit twingy and uncomfortable, but nothing unmanageable.  My knees didn't end up locked over night, my feet aren't any more swollen.  All in all, a good night for my legs.

Not much on tap for today.  I need to rest some more because I didn't get a lot of restful sleep.  My mom is going to come over again to watch a movie with me.  Loki will do hilarious and annoying things.  Predictable day!

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