Saturday, July 4, 2009


Since I started work, Loki has become less and less satisfied sitting and playing in his cage when I'm home. If I leave the cage door open, he'll probably climb out eventually.

Sometimes, he does it when I'm not in the room.

But that's okay! Because now, I can somehow tell the difference between his, "I'm just havin' fun, bein' a birdeh" tweeting, and his, "MOMMY, COME GET ME!" chirps. Inevitably, when I hear the latter chirp, he's out of his cage.

Places where I've found Loki after his Great-Escape chirps:
- the hallway, walking/bouncing into the living room to find me
- latched onto the side of his cage, trying to crawl around it
- on his boing (the flexible, "boingy" stand next to his cage)
- in an upright shopping bag
- on top of a pile of laundry

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