Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Overly Proud Mommy

I think it's fair to say that I'm an overly proud mommy.

I went up to Wilmington yesterday; Loki had been staying with the breeder over the weekend while I was at the Cape, and I had to pick him up.

I walked into the dining room, where the breeder, Laurel, keeps boarders. Loki was crouching on his back perch, holding his Triforce possessively. He seemed surprised to see me ("Oh, wait, you're back ... and I OBVIOUSLY wasn't doing anything ..."). But he was puffy and happy, and the only time he was bad was when we tried to pick him up. We had to hold him anyway to get him in his carrier box, but Laurel noticed his wings were growing out, so she decided to reclip.

Well, we ended up having to take him into the bathroom to grab him because he was so crafty (more evidence in support of my Loki Might Be Ganondorf theory). But even when Loki was screaming bloody murder, Laurel was commenting on how good he was being; he wasn't fighting (just whining, apparently), and he wasn't biting (so, evidence against the theory). So, I was proud of Loki for not being a total bitch.

And when we were chatting after we got Loki in his box (at which point he'd calmed down and started busying himself with eating paper towel (even less support for the theory), Laurel talked about how well-behaved and sweet he had been the entire weekend, especially when he came out to play. If this weren't enough to make me beam with pride, she also told me that when she had people over, they all thought Loki was adorable and very handsome.


And now, budgie is home, sad, listening to the radio while mommy works and then goes to the gym. But it's good to have him home so I can watch his crazy might-be-an-evil-mastermind antics.

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