Friday, July 3, 2009

I dreamed a dream

I've been known for either not remembering my dreams, or remembering the really, really weird ones.

Last night (or this morning, I guess), I dreamt that it was Sunday morning, that my brother was graduating from college and I was still in Boston, and my mom told me I had to wear a dress to the graduation. So I had to shop for a dress and still somehow make it up to fucking Vermont in time for the ceremony. I was trying to search online and see what I could find, but my computer kept crashing. And, in the dream, I had to wait till Sunday to go dress shopping because I had work all week, and stores were closed for the 4th the day before.

When I woke up, I was surprised and confused to find that it was Friday, not Saturday (once I fully came to, I wasn't so surprised). And I acknowledged several things: that if I had to wear a dress to a graduation, I had some I could wear; that it was not Sunday; that Brian graduated three years ago; that he would have been graduating in May, not fucking JULY; that I would never have made it to the late morning ceremony in time if I were still in Boston that morning; and while my computer crashes on a semi-frequent basis, I would have just gotten up and gone to the mall instead of searching "Natick cocktail dresses" online.

Oh, and when I got up for real, I did that search to see if it meant something, you know, BEYOND its face value. It did not.

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