Thursday, July 16, 2009

Update on anti-child sentiments

No, I'm not changing my position on kids. I still don't want your kids bothering me.

I just felt it would be appropriate to update to say that while walking to the train today, the group of moms with kids and strollers were back. But this time, they left a very, very wide gap between them and the non-street side of the sidewalk, with plenty of room for me to pass through. Yay!

I'm not thankful because I don't think it's really that necessary to, say, thank someone for doing something that they should have already been doing (which is why I don't thank my roommate for vacuuming 3 days after I left the vacuum out for him, and he only did it because I had to ask him, and then he didn't dust or do anything else to clean).

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