Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I have weird dreams

I do.

Last night, I dreamt that I was back at Tufts for another semester. I had moved in with two other girls; one of them didn't really want to socialize with anyone, and the other one was really nasty. Magically, though I then had to move because of a housing mistake, and then I was living with two attractive guys. Interesting. When I told my mean roommate that I had moved out, I did a terrible job of explaining that it was a ResLife decision; instead, it sounded like I had gotten the hell out of there because I hated her. So she was mad.

But I didn't have time to deal with that! Nor did I have time to flirt with my new housemates. I had a philosophy class! That met 5 times a week! And was taught by the guy who played the Devil on Reaper! But I didn't know where the class was being held, nor did I have the books! So I went to the bookstore and got a 3 subject notebook! I couldn't get the books because I didn't know the title of the class, or the class number. So I ran downstairs to find a computer, and a bunch of my friends were there! And I asked to borrow a laptop! But I was already 30 minutes late for class and thinking that maybe I just shouldn't go!

I should not be allowed to dream.

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