Friday, September 11, 2009

Yahoo! FAIL

Headline on my Yahoo! homepage:

"Prosecutor: Anti-abortion sign angered gunman."

What the headline says to me: Some guy was SO PISSED about someone protesting against abortion that he SHOT them! Man, those pro-choicers are VIOLENT!

What actually happened: It's not clear why the gunman shot the anti-abortion activist, although from one student's quotation (that he could understand someone spitting on or punching the victim, but not shooting him), it appears that the gunman might have thought it was inappropriate to demonstrate with a poster of a dead fetus outside of a school. But it's not really clear. In fact, I don't really think that that's what caused murder.

And considering that this same guy then went and murdered another person, someone NOT involved in protesting abortion (interesting). Oh, and he was going to murder someone else, but then he got arrested.

I don't consider it very good journalism to report that this case is another example of someone being killed over the abortion issue. I think it's an example of a very violent, angry, dangerous person murdering people because he felt that it was okay for him to kill whomever he wanted. That's not the same thing. GOOD JOB.

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