Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Run, run, run

One occurrence is just that: a one time deal. In order to be sure of something, such as the results of an experiment, the results must be reproducible.

For example, being able to fit into my capri pants? The first time, it was a one time deal. The second time, it looked a bit more like the first time wasn't a fluke. After washing them, sticking them in the dryer for too long, and then still having them fit, it seemed more likely than not that I had lost enough volume in my ass and thighs to fit into them for reals.

And now, running. Two weeks ago, when I got to the gym, there were too many people doing circuits, so the trainer had me go on the treadmill first. MISTAKE. I ended up feeling energized enough to run, not walk, and by the time the trainer came by 10ish minutes later, I was past half a mile and wanted to see how far I could run.* I ended up running for 20 minutes and going about 1.3 miles (needless to say, I got my ass kicked more than usual during circuits afterwards).

Then, last week, I went for a treadmill run after circuits, mostly because I felt guilty about driving to and from the train station earlier (normally I walk the mile there and some of the mile back). I ended up only being able to run for about 3/4ths of a mile, but it was because when I stopped for some water, I got a massive cramp in my side.

Last night, I went for my victory lap (which is that I call any run that I do because of an occasion, such as a holiday, birthday, or last day of classes). I ended up going for 20 minutes, 1.3 miles again. So, we'll have to see if I can keep this up.

In other news, my car is at the shop, and I have no idea when it'll be back. I trust the Auto Body, so I'm not worried about the car getting fixed to perfection. But I had to cancel the gym for tonight because I have no way of getting home (if I, say, run the 1.3 miles to the gym, that's fine, but I'm not going to be able to run home after, and I'm not walking for 45 minutes through a bad neighborhood at 8 pm). This makes me sad because I just started tracking my calories on, at the recommendation of my aunt, and circuit training burns WAY fucking more calories than running does. Burning more calories = eating more calories. So yeah.

I need to either cut or paint my nails tonight, or else.

* Last June through August, I was jogging regularly, and I ended up almost being able to run 5k. But very suddenly in the middle of August, my calves began to burn intensely whenever I ran, or even rushed up the hill to get to class or took the stairs too quickly. I wasn't ever able to get the pain checked out by a doctor, but eventually, I hypothesized that the pain was caused by weak muscles (my thigh muscles are much stronger than my calf ones), and bad shoes (I never bought new running shoes; I'd just use my mom's old ones). So, with new running shoes and stronger calves, things are improving.

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