Monday, January 3, 2011

Boo, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal!!

Trigger warning: non-consensual crap ahead

Hey, you know what figures?  That right after I posted about how psyched I was about SMBC's recent comic featuring a gay couple incidentally (rather than as part of a joke), SMBC would piss me the fuck off!

So this comic is pretty horrible.  I mean, seriously.  HAHA isn't it funny that this woman made a claim about women being better at something than men are, and instead of either a) pointing out that she's made an unfair generalization, or b) just swallowing his pride and getting over it, the dude she's with decides that it's completely okay for him to prove her wrong by taking photos of her, with his testicles on her forehead, every night while she's asleep.  If that weren't bad enough, on his death bed, he found it hilarious and appropriate to post a flipbook of those photos on the internet for everyone to view.

It goes without saying that this is just so, so wrong.  Putting your testicles on someone's face without consent is assault.  Taking photos of it is also a form of assault, and a huge violation of the other person.  Putting the photos online is even more horrendous a violation.  And all of this done to someone you supposedly love, and who obviously loves you?  WTFFFFFF.

It's just not very funny.  The punchline made it worse.  Not that I could think of a justification for this dude's behavior, but the punchline, which was the motive behind the violation, seemed so petty, and so passive-aggressive, I found it mortifying.
What makes everything even worse, if the rest of it weren't bad enough, is that this woman is basically now being shamed for her partner's behavior.  Those messages are for her.  He's dying and no longer has to deal with the consequences.  The woman has been left to cope with what he did to her.  It's heartbreaking.

Plenty of people can be hilariously funny without resorting to anything as cruel and crude as this particular comic.  SMBC is often one of those comics where they're usually hilarious without making me, as a progressive feminist, run away screaming.  This is the biggest disappointment yet.

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