Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Part 150,443 in "Words Mean Things."

As you may already be aware of, words actually mean things.

I'm not going to really go into just HOW bad it is that Sarah Palin is accusing the media of "blood libel."  Because it's really bad.  It's appallingly and inarguably anti-Semitic.

Words mean things.  If you want to say, "The media is falsely accusing me of instigating violence," then you should say that.  But "blood libel" doesn't mean "false accusation."  "False accusation" means "false accusation."

For those of you who are unfamiliar with "blood libel," it's the specific false accusation that the Jewish people sacrifice Christian children in order to use their blood to make bread that we then eat.  Blood libel has been used for hundreds of years as an excuse to persecute, dehumanize, discriminate against, and murder Jewish people.

So unless the media is accusing Sarah Palin and the Tea Party of murdering good liberal children in order to use their blood to make bread, and then using that lie in order to persecute and murder Sarah Palin and the Tea Party over hundreds of years, it's NOT blood libel.  Like, actually, factually not even close.

Words mean things.  And these words?  Anti-Semitic.  DUH.

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