Sunday, January 2, 2011

Yay, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal!

I'm not a huge follower of webcomics, not because I hate lots of them, but just because of general disinterest.  Right now, I'm down to a few: xkcd, PhD Comics, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, and Brawl in the Family (the last one updates much less frequently, but I love me some Nintendo).  I'm not always thrilled with every single comic, and many of them are highly obnoxious and sexist.  Sometimes, the authors get things right, and sometimes not so much.

Recently, SMBC had an excellent comic regarding nerds and football.  Sure, I know nerds who like football, and non-nerds that aren't so much into it.  But still, this is pretty hilarious:

One thing, though, that the author commented on is pretty great.  This comic utilizes a dating situation with two guys, BUT the punchline has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that this is a date between two guys.  It's just two guys on a date.  And not like a "man date" between friends, but a legitimate romantic date.  And the fact that they're two dudes is not the punchline.

Comics like this one are first steps, but necessary first steps.  We're moving towards a culture where we don't have to focus on things like, "OMG GAY."

Because you know what?  The joke was so funny, I didn't even really notice that it was a date with two men.  Not because I assumed it was a woman on the other side of the table, but because seriously, king of football = awesome.

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