Monday, January 3, 2011

Resolutions 2011

I'm one of those people who loves to make to-do lists and plan, to the point where I don't actually follow through on half of what I say I will.  That means I'm exactly the kind of person to make all these awesome resolutions for the new year, and then have to make the same exact ones the next year because of how spectacularly I've failed.


This year, I'm trying something only slightly different, hoping that it'll change things.  Like many people, my first resolution has to do with my body.  Everyone's miserable about how they look in some way or another, either anguishing over how they'll never look normal, or pouring their efforts into making themselves look normal.  I decided to start before the new year because the new year is an arbitrary date, you know?

I got a gym membership in mid-December, and I've so far met my goal of going once a week for the rest of the month of December.  I also have met my goal of making sure I'm on the treadmill for at least 30 minutes and 2 miles, even if I have to walk.  For January, my goal is to keep the 30 minutes and 2 miles, but up the nights a week to 2.  February will hopefully be 3 days a week, and March will be 3 miles.  I'm hoping that by joining a gym that I pass on my way home, starting with smaller goals and increasing them, and allowing myself to walk if my calves seize up are excellent ways to get this to work.

My second resolution is another one that a lot of young people try to make.  I am famously a slob.  Really.  Part of it's not my fault.  I moved out during my senior year of college, and my mother sold our house.  The majority of my worldly possessions are currently in my room.  The rest are in my apartment, with very little in my mother's apartment.  I think that somewhere, there's a plastic trunk with childhood things in it, but that's it.  I have so much crap, and very little space to put it all.
Part of it IS my fault.  I'll leave clothes on the floor.  I'll forget to bring empty cups and bowls back to the kitchen.  My bird will get seeds all over the floor.  I'll pull out books or DVDs and forget to put them back.  I won't make my bed.  And then I'll be so overwhelmed and/or tired from work that I won't clean, and then it'll just get worse.  It's pretty horrendous!

I also get passive-agressive about the bathroom.  I share it with two roommates who've never cleaned it.  But no one cleans the other common spaces either, so I resent having to clean the bathroom.  I hate cleaning the kitchen or doing the dishes when the majority of the mess and dishes are not mine.  In the end, the apartment is icky.

I like to start off the new year in a clean space, though, for good luck (also good luck: wearing new clothing.  Bad luck: things I did while drunk).  So now my apartment and room are nice and clean.  I'm going to see how long I can keep it that way, or at least my bedroom.  Hopefully my roommates will pitch in with the common areas.

My third resolution is the least likely to happen.  I tend to hit snooze on my alarm until it's an hour after I planned to get up.  I tend to take too long to get ready.  And I tend to get to work a bit later than I wish I did.  I'm going to try to improve my wake-up time, but I'm not going to kill myself over it.  It's not as if I leave work early or don't get anything done.  We'll see how it goes.

December: 1x/wk, 2mi -- TADAH
January: 2x/wk, 2mi
February: 3x/wk, 2mi
March: 3x/wk, 3mi

Clean through January 3rd

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