Friday, June 26, 2009

More anti-child business

Yes, having kids is great. I'm very happy for you. And yes, I was already awake at 7:45 am, what with work and all. But considering the number of kids and teens on summer vacation, the stay-at-home parents, and people like my roommate who aren't working full-time ...

... it's obnoxious when your kid decides to start screaming at 7:45 am.

Sometimes, I hear a kid screaming because s/he is throwing a temper tantrum. I curse you parents for not CLOSING THE WINDOW. I can hear you across the complex. I shouldn't have to close MY window; the only sound in my bedroom, besides me grumbling about having to wake up is the sound of 106.7 FM radio for Loki. Who is quiet.

Today, the screaming was, "Hehe, I'm being such a silly little kid!" screaming. Guess what? Now's the time to have that talk with your kid about respecting neighbors. Don't make ME have it with them.

At least when Loki screeches, I shush him until he stops.

In other news, cells are very, very fickle.

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