Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Monday!

Big, huge, mega-thanks to all of you who've been so supportive of me with regards to the whole "my dad is a huge turd" business. I appreciate it a ton. While this certainly isn't the first time that my dad has done or said something completely unbelievable, this is one of the first times that no one has said anything like, "Well, yeah, but what did you say that got him to say that?"

I'm at work right now; it's been a slow day so far. I'm pleased, though, because for the first time in weeks, I've gotten here at 9 on a Monday; usually, I sleep in a bit and come in around 9:40. It's not that 9:40 is unacceptable, to either me or my supervisor. I just feel better when I get here earlier.

I'm running a gel this afternoon. To anyone who happened to be online when I was doing research at Tufts, you're familiar with this already ("Hey, what's up?" "I'm running a gel, and if it doesn't work, I'm going to break something"). I just have to run some already cut/linearized DNA to make sure that it was cut/linearized properly. Fun! I think we're also doing a reverse-transcriptase reaction today, and I know I have to feed and split cells.

Work feels so much like research at school, but that's okay with me. I enjoy it.

I do not enjoy feeling like someone punched me in the back ... thanks to the gym.

My mom comes home tomorrow. I wonder how she will react to my dad's email!

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