Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy Pants Day!

Happy Pants Day!

What, you might find yourself asking, is Pants Day anyway? A fine, fine question.

Pants Day is the day that occurs about once every year where I've been working hard to get healthier, and a pair of pants that I purchased around last Pants Day fit again.

Last year, after jogging on a regular basis for about a month, I'd slimmed down some, and I bought a cute pair of capri pants (Happy Pants Day 2008!). When I tried to wear them after this winter ended, it just didn't happen (Sad Pants Day 2009). Up to about two months ago, I still couldn't get the capris past the tops of my thighs. Lovely.

After 3 solid weeks of gymming, and a different approach to eating (eating every 2-3 hours, eating more protein), I can celebrate Pants Day (the happy one)!. I'm wearing my capris to work today.

They are tighter than when I bought them. Shit happens. But it's nice to know that the gym is working (you'd never know it based on how I look and feel while there; when I showed up at my mom's apartment after a workout, she laughed pretty hard).

So, happy Pants Day as I continue to take steps to become a fat chick stuck in a skinny chick stuck in a fat chick!

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