Monday, August 10, 2009


I just finished my practice run-through for this weekend's Zeldathon. 10 hours and 5 minutes! Complications:

- Gohma should have taken about 1 minute to beat instead of the 5 ish it took me. That hasn't happened since the first few times I've played. SHAME.
- King Dodongo also took longer, but it was because I was being stupid. I also fell off of a bridge earlier in the dungeon.
- I need to write down the order of the passageways in Jabu-Jabu because I spent about 5 minutes getting lost.
- I promise next time I will not forget to get the Zora's tunic and then have to restart.
- I spent a little time exploring in the Spirit Temple because I hadn't written up a walkthrough.
- None of the mini-dungeons should ever take this long. Fire and Shadow in particular were a pain. Solution? GO SLOWLY.
- I probably won't be stopping to check the Sox game/my email. Nor will I be chasing a small bird around the apartment.

I'm guessing it'll take me 9:30 to beat the game this weekend.

Yes, I'm a nerd. But I didn't sit down and memorize the game. Over the years, I just somehow remember it. I know, it's weird.

But at least I saved the Triforce from Loki--I MEAN Ganondorf.

(FYI, this is Ocarina of Time we're talking about.)

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