Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Transphobia or not?

Today, in the Boston Globe: Mass. transgender inmate denied electrolysis

The short: Transwoman who murdered her wife in 1990 is being denied electrolysis (a specific, expensive type of hair removal).

Do I believe that it's fair to deny Michelle Koselik electrolysis? If it's funded by the taxpayers, yes, I believe it's fair. There are countless transpeople who cannot afford surgery or the more effective/permanent forms of hair removal. I'm cisgendered, and I can't afford electrolysis; if I could, I promise you that I wouldn't have any stray lip/chin hairs, and if I were truly loaded, my bikini line would always be ridiculously perfect.

If sex-change surgery/other medical procedures (including electrolysis) are not covered for all people, then I see no reason why taxpayers should cover such procedures for a convict.

I do wonder, however, if it's appropriate to have a transwoman in a male prison.

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