Monday, August 24, 2009

Today in Frustrating Experiments

This is the sixth time I've tried to do this spot test. First, the cross-linker didn't work. The second time, the cross-linker STILL didn't work, but we didn't realize that was the problem. Then I tried using the oven. Didn't work. Then I tried using the oven, but at a lower temperature, and I also didn't dilute my samples.


But when I tried it again with the dilutions? Didn't work.

Today, I tried another set of dilutions, so we'd have high concentrations of samples.

DIDN'T #@*&$%Q#ing WORK.

Dear people who think that careers in research are cool:

In bio research (as well as chem research), sometimes you can follow a previously tested protocol perfectly and not get results. Sometimes, you get better results depending on NOTHING in particular. Sometimes, it makes you angry.

If you don't like having nothing to show for very hard work, bio research isn't for you!



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