Monday, December 20, 2010

Annoying things people do

MBTA version!

We all hate taking the T to work.  Even if you're not vocal about it, or you like to be a calming force For Good! and say things like, "I appreciate having decent public transit, and I don't mind not having a seat," you hate it, too.  It's just a fact of life.

There are ways that we can try to make life easier for our fellow people on the T. But there are more ways that we don't.  And today, I got a good reminder of one of those things.

I have never in my life seen a single person get stuck on the T and miss their stop because there were too many people in the car and the person couldn't get out of the train in time.  I've really never seen it.  The only things I've seen to come close are when T drivers and bus drivers forget to open the back doors.  And I'm sure that plenty of people have just forgotten to get off at their stop.  But I just haven't seen anyone trapped on the T, unable to escape because there's a whole crowd of people ignoring their PLEAS of ANGUISH.

And yet, almost every day, there are people who seem convinced that they're going to be trapped if they don't get to the door a solid minute before their stop.  This isn't a problem on trains that aren't very full, but on a crowded train, it's obnoxious.  You're making other people get up, move around, or both while the train is moving.  You expect people to risk falling over (and it's not a made-up risk) so you can push your way to the door right now.  It's rude, and it's annoying.  Like I said, no one gets trapped on the T and misses their stop.  There's no reason for this.

This rant brought to you by the MBTA: They have no money, so they're trying to expand the commuter rail.

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