Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Me and my colon

Warning: Large intestine!!

I've got ulcerative colitis, and it's pretty horrible.  Not just because people get super uncomfortable talking about illnesses that involve pooping, because they really do(do).  But also because it's a PRETTY HORRIBLE illness, in a bunch of ways.

First off, I can't really eat salad anymore and be happy.  My body can't break up raw foods very well, which tears up my colon pretty badly.  My nutrition has been off the wall for the past six months.  It's incredibly destructive, health-wise.  You know something's wrong when you're craving salad.

Second, you don't know how much going to the bathroom interferes with your day until you spend 2.5 hours at work just going back and forth between your desk and the bathroom.  It's embarrassing; you wonder if coworkers are going to notice how often you get up, or how often you go into the restroom.  It's hard to get work done, too.

Tuesday, I'm having my second ever colonoscopy.  I'm twenty-four years old and had my first colonoscopy three years and two months ago.  Tomorrow, I have to cut raw foods, nuts, seeds, etc. out of my diet.  Monday, I hope no one wants to get lunch with me because, well, I can't have any solid food all day.  And then Tuesday, I get to go to the doctor and have a camera up my pooper.

I'm getting used to having such a long flare-up (the only other one I had lasted from the end of August until mid-November; this one began at the beginning of July, and it's currently mid-December).  But I'd like to be able to cut back my meds.  I'd like to not worry about whether or not there's a bathroom around.  And I'd like to stop being late for work because I have to spend an extra 10 minutes in the bathroom.

What's the best thing you can do if you don't have colitis, but want to support someone who has it?  Just be cool.  Don't get all, "EW, gross, blood?  Diarrhea?  Gas?"  It's not helpful!

Besides, everybody poops!  Just some of us more than others :-p

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