Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sickness roadmap

A week after I first got sick, I'm still sick!  Chronology:

Friday night: Fine, just a slight headache
Saturday: Congestion, fatigue, low fever (99.2)
Sunday: Slight congestion, fine by the end of the day
Monday: Feeling fine, congestion is fading
Tuesday: Congestion is a little worse, but generally, feeling okay
Wednesday: Wake up feeling horrible, heavy face, congestion, serious fatigue, fever (99.6-100.2)
Thursday: Feeling a bit congestion, mild fever later in the day (99.1)
Friday: More congestion, no fever, scratchy throat
Saturday: More congestion, no fever, scratchy throat, cough

So here's what I think happened:

I stayed out late on Thanksgiving and the following night, leaving me with a mild virus on Saturday.  Since I thought I was better by Sunday, I stopped taking steps to treat the cold, and it turned into a sinus infection, sidelining me on Wednesday and Thursday.  By Friday, the sinus infection was gone, but I was pretty much draining all of the fluids, which landed in my lungs and throat.  I also stayed out late again and didn't dress very well for the cold.

So: Mild viral infection turns into sinus infection turns into cold.


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