Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'll just go over here--OH WHOOPS

We all need to accept one very important fact:

I am ridiculously clumsy.

I'm usually standing in the way of people, and when I move, I back up into things/other people/nothing and trip. Some days, I can't actually seem to speak without actually screwing up words. I knock things over, including important things or things with liquid in them. A couple weeks ago, I got myself a cup of coffee and then spilled it while trying to pick it up. Yesterday, I backed up into a Purell Hand Sanitizer station trying to create some space for one of the post-docs to walk through.

I probably shouldn't be talking about how clumsy I am. After all, the way I deal with the embarrassment of being ridiculously clumsy is that I just forget that it happened.

So, shhhhhhh.

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