Saturday, June 20, 2009

Magic 106.7

I just started work a few weeks ago, and I'm out of the house almost 12 hours a day, and sometimes, it's closer to 13 or 14. Loki, my 1-year-old budgie, hates being left alone for so long. I feel so guilty every time I leave; he looks at me and chirps with this, "You're leaving AGAIN? Even though I'm so incredibly handsome and adorable, and I am so cute when I talk?" expression. It's like he knows that we're Jewish.

I feel so guilty that the night before I started work, I borrowed (is it borrowing if I'm probably going to use it for the next three years at least?) a clock-radio from my mom. I set it to Magic 106.7 because they're the only station that actually plays music in the mornings. Loki LOVES music, so I think he prefers music to the morning shows that radio stations think people like. I leave it on a low volume, but high enough for him to listen to it, turn on a light for him in case it gets dark, and leave with self-loathing (how could I abandon my baby on such a regular basis?!).

If I'm in the car driving somewhere, or if I'm in a cafe (in the morning), or anywhere where the radio is on, I always find it ridiculously amusing whenever the radio station is on 106.7. I keep thinking, "I wonder if Loki likes this song?"

I am so weird.

Ooooh, and now the waltz from Enchanted is playing? On my iTunes, not the radio. And now Loki's going nuts.

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