Monday, June 22, 2009


We have to get pretty creative sometimes with Twitter. Some of my wittier tweets are way, way over the 140 character limit (that's why I have a blog: I talk a lot). So sometimes, I have to reword things, use abbreviations that I would otherwise avoid, and really rework my tweets to make them fit. Many of my friends do the same thing.

But when you retweet (RT) ... Goddamn, it doesn't fit! I have a short username (Phira), and my friends can't always fit my name in on the RT.

BOO, Twitter. You shouldn't count @username in the character count. Yes, I know plenty of people would abuse the crap out of Twitter if you excluded @username from character counts ("@Ohmygod @IjustsawJustinTimberlake @hesmiledatmeandgavemehisnumber @youguysmustbesojealous @Imgoingtocallhimtonightandaskhimout @doyouthinkhelikesChinesefood @friend1 @friend2 @friend3 @friend4 @friend5").

But still, it totally shouldn't count.

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